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Create your own digital underwriting survey widget and add it to your website or blog –  no coding required. And transform your website or social media page into a digital insurance agency – in just a few minutes.

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All digital underwriting surveys include the legal notices required to ensure you're distributing your products in line with the regulations. No need to devise your own.

"Emilian was and is a great support in selling insurance online, especially in generating calls to action on my website. The chances of converting more leads have increased considerably and my clients now have access to their policy documentation in one place"

Ritesh Sood | CEO of Primeagroup

"Because of Emilian, I can now offer my clients various insurance options online. The emilian widgets were the missing call to action to complement my digital marketing initiatives"

Maria Fernanda Pérez | Digital Marketing Specialist, Perez Lara Asesores de Seguros

Thanks to Emilian's solution, we were able to transform our website into a digital agency in a very short time. Thus we have met an ever-growing customer need and at the same time increased our efficiency. The cooperation with Emilian was very pleasant, because they responded uncomplicated to our high standards from the international environment. We are looking forward to our continuing collaboration.

Seline Zaugg | Managing Director at Paul Frank
All-in-one shop

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