The easiest way to sell insurance online

Our software creates better customer relationships.
For agents

A better platform for a better insurance seller experience

As an agent: emilian provides you with all the services you need to sell insurance online and improves conversion by adding transparency and reducing administrative hassle.

Setting up your digital
online agency

Reach out more easily to your network through your own website, social-media channels or in-person

Providing automated
quotes & policy issuance

Give more customers protection,
simply and efficiently

Giving your customer
a voice

Increase trust and improve customer satisfaction by providing an insurance service review system
For insurers

A better platform for a better coverage provider experience

emilian arranges all activities in one place to balance growth and profitability with unprecedented speed to market at surprisingly low cost

Manage your agents
and boost sales

Certify your insurance sellers and benefit from their ingenuity and broad network. They know their customers and market niches inside out

Configure and optimize
your products

Set up or adjust the terms and conditions of your household or condominium insurance products and make them available instantaneously to your agents

Drive profitability

With all policies and contracts digitized in real-time, portfolio steering and management becomes very simple and efficient, allowing you to optimize resources

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